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“My father has Alzheimer’s/dementia, and I recently had to place him in a care home. This decision was incredibly difficult but ultimately necessary, as we were unable to provide the level of care he needed. His current situation placed his health at risk, and we felt compelled to make the move, but we were unsure where to begin or whom to contact. My niece took to Google, and that’s when we discovered Elite CareFinders. We left a message and crossed our fingers, hoping for a response. Soon enough, the phone rang, and on the other end was Rose. She enlightened us about her services and provided invaluable information about senior care that we had not known. Rose assured us that she would search for quality care homes and get back to us – which she promptly did. Before we knew it, we were on our way to visit our first care home and meet with the caregiver. Armed with the information Rose had given us, we felt more confident in our search and understanding of what to look for. Though we hadn’t met Rose in person at this point, she tirelessly worked day and night to help us. She moved mountains for people she didn’t even know, pouring her heart into our search. Finally, we met Rose in person, and it was wonderful to put a face to the angel who had gone above and beyond for us. Life is never without its challenges, and we encountered a few along the way. However, Rose remained unwavering in her determination and ensured that we didn’t lose hope. Rose accompanied us to three care homes – one of which was a potential care home for my dad. After meeting with them and discussing the details, we realized that this was the right fit. Not only were the caregivers willing to make it affordable, but they also promised to provide a forever home for my dad, all thanks to Rose and her company. We believe that God guided us to Rose because she possesses a humble and beautiful soul. My family and I will forever be grateful for her kindness and dedication. People like Rose, and the work she does, often go unnoticed. I want to share with the world what an incredible person she is and let everyone know that she’s here to help.

~ Lena-marie

September 10, 2023

DON’T WAIT ANY LONGER! I had been caring for my husband with Alzheimer’s for more than five years and it finally was affecting my physical health and mental wellbeing. I am so happy that I was referred to Elite Carefinders and was expertly and kindly helped by Rose Gallego. She is a master of finding the right place for your loved one and budget. Knowing too well the stress of caring for someone with dementia and the toll it takes on the caregiver, I again urge you to contact Rose!

~ Debra Duggan

September 10, 2023

There are no words to truly express how grateful we are to Rose at Elite CareFinders. From the beginning when I first spoke to her on the phone, I could tell she was a very special person and I immediately knew she was the one I wanted to work with in helping find a home for mom. I originally contacted a different agency for assistance but did not feel the same level of compassion, dedication, professionalism and positivity as Rose. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field and provided us with a step by step guidance throughout the process. Rose went above and beyond in providing excellent customer service. Within 2 days, she provided a list of potential care homes and within a week was able to find a good fit for mom. She even was there for the move in to make sure everything went smoothly. Thank you Rose for everything!!! You are truly a gem and I would highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for excellent service and expertise!

~ Lynn

September 5, 2023

Rose Gallego with her incredible personality and compassion goes above and beyond the standard work ethics of other senior care agencies. She goes out of her way to ensure a higher level of care is afforded to her clients. My Mom is living proof of her tireless search for an appropriate care home. Rose communicates her wealth of knowledge in a way that is meaningful and understandable by the family. She sympathize/ empathize with the family which relieves anxiety and stress. Her follow-ups with the family after placement of their love one shows just how much she cares about the quality of life for her clients. Rose is heaven sent and a blessing to me and my family. Rose is efficient and amazing. Our family will forever be grateful for her exceptional and professional service.

~ Ronny

August 22, 2023

We are forever grateful to Rose from Elite Carefinders for patiently and expertly guiding us in our quest for the right foster home for our dad. We certainly could never have done this ourselves! Because of her, our dad was placed in a lovely home, being cared for by a competent and compassionate caregiver, and being surrounded by a loving family. Placing our 90-year-old dad in a foster home was an emotional decision as well as a rigorous journey for our family. We have heard of residents being moved from a care/foster home to another because it was not the “right fit” or at worst, it was “horrible” experience to both the residents and their families. The health team referred us to contact Rose at Elite Carefinders which proved to be a great experience for our family. It was reassuring to know that Rose, being an RN by profession understood our dad’s level of care. She came for a home visit not only to meet my dad but also to do a thorough assessment of his care needs as well as our family’s expectations, she took the time to get to know our family, actively listened to our needs, concerns and what are the most important things we are looking for in a foster home. Her warmth and sincerity as well as her impressive knowledge about regulations and quality care further reassured us that Rose was the perfect person to help us find the “home away from home” for our dad. Rose worked tirelessly, visiting possible foster homes even on weekends. After personally screening the homes to make sure these are up to standard, she would send me pictures and all the important details. She never hesitated to take the opportunities to educate the caregiver/owner how to make their home environment better and safer. Rose patiently answered all my questions until I was satisfied, always encouraging me to be honest and “not settle”. When I was losing hope, she worked even harder and creatively negotiated a win-win agreement with the caregiver who turned out to be the “right fit” for our dad. Her foresight made this great outcome possible and we can’t thank her enough. Rose was there for our family right from the start, she was there with us during the big day of moving dad to the foster home bearing welcome gifts! And she was still there for us after the move, providing follow-up and support, reassuring us with kind words and offer of further help as needed. Rose is truly an exceptional advocate! Her passion for her work and compassion towards families searching for the right care/foster homes for their loved ones are qualities that truly serve our unique community here in Hawaii. Her goal for success to find the right home the first time sets her apart from others.

~ Eileen & family

August 22, 2023

Rose is absolutely incredible. I could always trust Rose to have my back. As far as placement goes, she’s your expert. And she knows paperwork related requirements off the top of her head like no one I’ve come across. She’s definitely not in the industry for the money or she’d be a billionaire. She takes so much of her unpaid time to take care of even service providers she works with. She takes pictures for care homes to ensure they highlight little details about their home that make it special. She educates caregivers on industry best practices and isn’t afraid to speak her mind in a collaborative manner when she sees something below standard of care or could be improved. And helps to find a plan of implementation. When work was less busy we would go on for hours on our own time brainstorming together how we could work together in offering a higher level of care and quality of life for our seniors. She is honest. When you ask her something whether the answer is good or bad, you’ll get a straightforward answer and solutions and optimistic outlook that never fails to shine. Rose goes above and beyond and the name Elite is truly reserved for Rose. She will advocate and fight for her clients best interests. I’ve seen it through multiple clients we served alongside each other. As long as I’ve known her, she is always looking to learn more about every corner of her industry and every aspect her families may need and then some more. I love Rose and her incredible personality and Elite standard work ethic and I’m sure you all will too.

~ Jocelyn-Care Provider

August 11, 2023

Rose is very personable and very professional. We were in a crunch to find a care home for my mother. She requires a higher level of care. The care home that I picked is wonderful. Rose held my hand every step of the way. She did all of the paperwork. On the day of admission, she showed up with gifts. Rose has continued to follow up with me to be sure that mom’s transitioning OK.

~ Jan T.

August 26, 2023

A warm aloha to Rose Gallego who had expertly and professionally assisted me with finding the best care home for my mother. She handled every aspect of the search and selection of a home including the transfer and health forms. Most of all, Rose is not only a caring professional she is a genuinely compassionate person. She is a detailed person who sincerely wants a perfect match. “Going beyond to find the care your loved one deserves” is truly what she does! Mahalo nui loa🌺

~ Pamela Lee

June 21, 2023

Elite Care finders made everything so easy and less stressful. Rose was compassionate, and took the time to explain the differences in care homes and the level of care they are certified for. This was all new to me and my family. But with her assistance, we were able to find a lovely place for my mom. The quality of homes that Rose personally screens, exceeded my expectations. After having screened a few homes on my own, it was like night and day. Using Elite Care Finders was the best decision we made. My mom is now receiving the best care possible through a home they helped us find and within budget. We have seen a tremendous change in her. I highly recommend Elite Care finders. Start with them and save yourself the stress. Rose is so experienced, and thorough….and the nicest person.

~ Stacy

March 23, 2023

A belated mahalo and much appreciation to Rose for helping us find the perfect care home for my mom in law. After our many unsuccessful searches for a good match for Mom’s needs, we were referred to Rose. What a blessing! Rose is so knowledgeable , caring and efficient. She coordinated the details and helped us find a wonderful licensed care home for mom. Rose even gifted Mom with a small welcoming gift on mom’s first day. Such a thoughtful gesture. Our family highly recommend Rose and Elite Care Finders.

~ Sally K (Pearl City)

March 5, 2023